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9800 Ethernet Card SCD PCA Reworked Part
00-901143-01 00-901551-01 00-901551-02
OEC Mobile C-Arms
9800 C-Arm
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

This Reworked Ethernet Card is a high performance 32-Bit 10/100 Fast Ethernet adapter for networks demanding high bandwidth and flexibility. It features N-Way Auto-Negotiation for speed selection of 10Mbps or 100Mbps, in either full- or half-duplex mode.Designed with an Intel (Digital Equipment) 21143 10/100 Ethernet LAN controller and high-speed 10/100 PHYceiver, this ethernet card uses the Bus-Mastering DMA approach to optimize throughput while maintaining low CPU utilization. Diagnostic LEDs are available for maintenance purposes. The card consumes less power and can be used in the workstation electronic rack assembly of OEC Mobile C-Arm 9800 systems.

Compatible Products

OEC 9800 12ΓÇ¥ II C-arm

OEC 9800 12ΓÇ¥ II C-arm

OEC 9800 9ΓÇ¥ II C-arm

OEC 9800 9ΓÇ¥ II C-arm

Equivalent Part :

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Equivalent partPart Details
00-901143-01 PCA, ETHERNET CARD, 9800
00-901551-01 PCA ETHERNET CARD 9800
  • Ethernet Card
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